Wednesday, November 3, 2010

9/6/10 Zone Conference

This week, I started paying more attention and I realized that my recipe for making salsa was pretty bad. I hope Clint didn't eat any watered down salsa. Oil, chiles, tomatoes, garlic, and maybe some onion. Just throw stuff in the blender and see what comes out. That's what they do here.
This week ended pretty well, as we were able to bring 5 investigators to church on Sunday. It was really unexpected. We had several people that we thought were pretty sure for Sunday that ended up being lame. There was another family that we had taught a couple times but seemed kind of lame, so we hadn't really thought that they would go to church. But on Saturday our appointments went through and we went to see that family and they agreed to let us pass for them on Sunday. On Sunday we went and brought all of them to church. It was pretty cool. This week we had zone conference. It got us pretty pumped up to find a lot of new people. In the conference we talked a lot about the importance of always finding people. We also talked about how we can have a sure foundation, and how we can help our investigators to begin to build a sure foundation.
Yesterday, we ate with the sister of Elder DeHoyos. They live in this really nice private community. Walking in their house, I felt like I had left Mexico and wlked into a house in the United States. We ate salmon, with salad, and steamed vegetables. Afterwards we ate ice cream. I was in heaven. In their house I was looking at the book The Mission that has a picture of Jon Hansen in Australia.
Today we went to the house of Emiliano Zapata, the leader of the Mexican Revolution of 1910. I thought it was going tot be one of his mansions, but it was the house where he was born. It was just the remains of an old, small dirt,house. It was pretty big let down. At least we didn't pay.
I'm sorry that my letters are short lately. I don't have much news. The reason why I haven't sent pictures is because I left my camera charger in my other house. I think I might have to buy a new camera.

Elder Hansen

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