Wednesday, November 3, 2010

8/30/10 Jalepino Peppers

Well, this week went pretty well. We finally had an investigator in church. I think I discovered that it is necessary to find like 30 new investigators just so that one will go to church. But this lady is progressing and has a baptismal date. We found here one day walking in the street. We saw her carrying a lot of bags and offered to help her. As a result she let us into her house. We shared a quick message and she quickly began to tell us of all the problems she has. Before leaving we sang a hymn and gave her a blessing. After the blessing she said she felt a feeling of peace run all through her body.
Clint asked for suggestions on using jalapeƱo peppers. In Mexico we call them rajas, and you can eat them with pretty much anything. Try them with eggs or on a sandwich. Or put them in a blender with water, oil, and tomatoes and you got yourself a salsa. That salsa can be used in every meal.
Mom, it sounds like ya'll had a crazy, good time up in Noth Dakota. I'm sad I had to miss the giant buffalo. Maybe next time.
Sorry, this week hasn't been too exciting. I used my good story last week.
Take care,

Elder Hansen

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