Sunday, November 28, 2010

9/27/10 Comments about Grandpa and Rubi's Baptism

I enjoyed reading Dad's talk. He was right. I may not have ever known my grandfather too well, but through my own father I have learned who my grandfather was. I can now see that as I grow to become more and more like my father I am really becoming just like my grandfather. I think that's a good thing. I can already see how Clint is becoming his father, and I imagine that I will as well. I am grateful that my grandfather created a chain of righteousness that is being passed on to many future generations. It is amazing to see how one person's life influences countless amounts of people without them ever really noticing it. I know I had never really thought about it before.

Well, this week went pretty well. We had a baptism. She is a thirteen year-old girl named Rubi. Even though her parents don't go to church she has demostrated true dedication to the gospel. Since we started teaching her she has come every Sunday and to almost all of the other church activities. The baptism was a really spiritual experience. My companion and I sand the baptism song, I like to look for rainbows. I rememberd how that song was sung at my baptism. One of the eternal investigators from the ward attended the baptismal service, and we hope that she was able to feel the strong spirit that was there.

I got my flight plans. It's weird to know the exact day and hour I'll be home. Three months from today. I'll try not to be trunky.

Ok well, I don't have much else to say. I know my letters get shorter and shorter every week. Ask me questions if you want me to write more.

Elder Hansen

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