Wednesday, November 3, 2010

8/23/10 Lows and Highs

Buenas tardes,
I'll start off telling how this week went. Well, on Sunday during our weekly planning session we discovered that we had zero progressing investigators. So we made a plan of how we were going to find new people to teach. The goal we put was to find and baptize a family before the end of the transfer. We talked about how we were going to find this family and the sacrifices we were going to make. We wrote down all of the sacrifices we were going to make, and how we were going to meet the goal. So the week started and we were finding tons of good people. We found two complete families that seemed like sure baptisms. By Friday we had found 18 new investigators, and we had a day full of appointments for Saturday. The day didn't have a great start because no one showed up to the English class. We proceeded to go to every appointment and one by one they started falling. A few weren't home and others simply told us that they didn't want us to visit them anymore. We got to our last appointment at 8:00, and they pretty much ran us out of their house. After that I was at an all time low. I started to wonder what I was doing here. While walking back home I started to pray in my mind, pleading a miracle, something to show me that all my work had not been in vane. Then we passed by two women talking. I overheard as we passed one of them say to the other, "I'm just looking for a church. I just want to find somewhere that can really help me understand the Bible." My companion and I stopped immediately and turned around to contact them. She gladly accepted an appointment. Do all that you can do and the Lord will do the rest. This is the Lord's work and He does not forget those who work in His vineyard.
I hope all is well back home. Dad don't break your hip again while rollerblading.

Elder Hansen

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