Sunday, March 14, 2010

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They made upgrades on the myldsnail account and they gave me a new account. It's .

There were changes today, but I'm still in Zumpango with the same companion. I kind of expected that. Dad says my letters are getting shorter. Sorry. I'm trying do everything in under an hour. Mom says I needed to say the baby is cute. I'm not really comfortable using the word cute. Saying he was healthy was the best compliment I could think of.

I appreciate the letters this week. I can't always think of how I should comment of them, but thanks.

So this week I again learned how the mission is full of ups and downs. When we got here, the other missionaries left us with some investigators that had already been to church and received the lessons. They are three brothers and we baptized them a couple of weeks ago. But because we didn't know them very well, we didn't know they were lame. After their baptism, every time we went to visit them they seemed uninterested. The other day they told us they don't want to go to church any more or have us teach them. They never could be confirmed because they didn't go to church. It made us feel pretty crappy. I learned an important lesson from that experience. I learned that I never again want to baptize someone that is unprepared. We actually talked about that in the zone conference. If there is one thing for Satan to attack in this mission it is baptism. He knows it is the most important thing we do as missionaries, and he wants to take the sacredness out of it. I've learned that it is a lot more satisfying to baptize one person that is really converted instead of 5 people that really don't understand the significance of what they're doing.

To answer Dad's question, no I don't really struggle to talk about stuff in Spanish. Sometimes I say stuff wrong or I don't know a word, but I can usually talk fine.

This week we found a cool family that just moved here from Indiana. The kid speaks English. If they are cool I'll pass Tanner some references of their other family members that are in Indiana.

Today we went to a members house in Chilpancingo. They had a drum set and an electric guitar. My companion played the guitar for a while. I was pretty impressed. He's really good. Apparently he was a prety big metal head when he was at home. He played the solo in crazy train which was pretty sweet. I don't know if that's allowed, but it was pretty cool. It's funny how missionaries all seem the same when you look at them, but everyone has a different history.
Well, I don't have much else to say.

Have a good week everyone.

Elder Hansen

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