Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Feliz Dia de Amor y Amistad!

Happy Valentine's Day. To be honest, I kind of forgot it was Valentine's Day yesterday. In Mexico they call it the day of love and friendship. I had no idea that there were Olympics going on right now. I don't think Winter Olympics are too popular in Mexico. But I'm sure the World Cup will be a pretty big deal. I'm glad to hear that the baby is doing well. When is Kelli due?

So everything is going well here in Zumpango. This is the last week in the transfer, and I think I've learned a lot in these 5 weeks. At first it was pretty tough being with a companion that really didn't know how to do anything, and in an area that I didn't know. But now I've got Zumpango memorized. I've seen a lot of progress in my companion. He now can teach pretty well, and he's not as afraid to make decisions. I've also learned to be more decisive, and I think I've improved a lot in my teaching abilities.

This week I learned the power of The Book of Mormon. We have an investigator, Juan Carlos, that we've been teaching for a few weeks. He's become a good friend, but we've had trouble setting appointments with him and he we weren't sure if he was progressing. One morning I was reading Preach My Gospel chapter 5 where it talks about The Book of Mormon. At the end of the chapter there's a story that talks about how some missionaries decided to read 3 Nephi 11 with an investigator one day and it caused a change in his heart that eventually lead to his baptism. My companion and I decided that we would try the same thing. We began to read with him, and we explained the significance behind what was read. He was really interested, and seemed to understand and appreciate what we taught. We set another appointment 2 days later, and we taught him lesson 3 (The Gospel of Jesus Christ). As we talked about baptism and the change that it would bring in his life the spirit was really strong. Again we used The Book of Mormon to teach that principle (Alma 7). He accepted a baptismal date. As we were finishing and about to leave. He asked us how he could be sure if it was the right thing. This allowed my companion and I to each individually testify and share our own personal conversion stories. The spirit filled the room.

Ok well, have a good week everyone. Cuidense.

Elder Hansen

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