Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life in Zumpango 3 1 10


So it's already March. When does March madness start? How is BYU doing? So it sounds like spring is starting in Wisconsin. I think summer has started in Zumpango. It's been pretty hot lately, but fortunately it's not hot like Zihuatanejo. It's dry heat. I don't sweat nearly as much as I did on the coast. I can usually get two days out of my shirts and my pants last a while. In Zihuatanejo, I had to wash everything every week.

I think Clint should let the missionaries know how lucky they are to have a ward mission leader. I think I've had one for one change in my mission. I think he should use Brother Young's POOF. I don't remember what it stands for, but I remember that he talked about it every Sunday.

Not much new has happened in Zumpango. We found some cool people this week, but for some reason we couldn't get any of them to church. We have one investigator that is pretty cool. His name is Juan, and he's dating a recent convert. He hasn't accepted a baptismal date yet, but he's way excited and comes to church every week. Other than Juan we don't have many other investigators that are progressing.

Dad asked about our apartment. It's the nicest apartment I've lived in. It has two bedrooms, a living room, a little kitchen area, and a bathroom. The only bad thing is we don't have furniture. I bought a hammock a few weeks ago, so yeah that was exciting. And Dad asked about the food. The food is pretty good. We eat with different members everyday.

Today we were playing soccer, and while we were playing soccer Elder Collins hit his head on the bar getting out of the players' box. It started to bleed a lot. He fainted for a few seconds, so they took him to the hospital. Only in Mexico can you walk in the hospital and walk out 15 minutes later with stitches and for less than $15.

The other day I found a book in our apartment. It's called The Day of the Defense. It is set in a court. There are two missionaries and like 15 religious leaders that attack them. It's pretty cool. I learned a lot reading it. The other day a pentecostal guy started bashing on us, and I was able to make him be quiet. It was pretty satisfying, but a waste of time. The majority of those guys are so close minded that they really don't want to hear what we have to say.

Here's something funny. One of missionary friends here is teaching a clown that used to be a Jehova's Witness. He says that his wife gets mad because he's always making jokes, but his response is always "well I am a clown."
Ok well, I gotta go.

Elder Hansen

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