Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lions Club Service 2 1 10

So, Brooke is going to have the baby this week. That's exciting. Do they still not have a name?

This week was interesting. They say the mission is full of highs and lows. This week I felt some pretty high highs and pretty low lows. But I guess that's how the mission goes. This week, the missionaries here from Chilpancingo were sent to help in a service activity. A group from the Lion's Club in Indiana came here to Chilpancingo to give away free glasses. None of them knew Spanish, so we translated for them. My companion and I went for the whole day on Wednesday. It was pretty fun. It was nice doing something different for a change. It was weird being around Americans that aren't missionaries. Sometimes I would catch myself speaking in Spanglish. So that was fun, but that night I think I got a stomach virus. I threw up a few times in the night and in the morning too. I felt pretty bad, so we didn't leave the apartment. I still felt pretty sick until Saturday when I started to feel a little better. But on Saturday morning we had three baptisms. We baptized three brothers that the other missionaries had found. That was a pretty experience, and I was feeling good about it. They were going to be confirmed the next day, but they didn't show up to church. So that was really lame. It's amazing how one day you can feel so good, and the next so horrible. I guess that's what happens when you spend all day with people trying to help them to make good decisions. In the end they all have their agency, and it's up to them what they really want to do.

Most of our investigators are kind of dying on us. We only have one solid investigator, Guillermo. He comes to church by himself every week. He has his special interview with Presidente Spannaus this week, so we'll see what happens. Yesterday we did some planning and we thought of a bunch of new ideas for finding new investigators. We're going to start an English class. I'm pretty excited for that.

I'll answer some of Clint's questions. I don't know if I've ever really felt homesick. I think that's mainly because I don't even have a home anymore. I definitely have had moments when I've felt depressed or frustrated. But I think that's pretty normal with any missionary.
No the people here don't make fire from car tires. That's kind of weird. I think cardboard is a lot easier, and there's a lot more of it lying in the street.
Preach my Gospel is pretty cool. Sometimes I kind of fall in the habit of teaching the same lesson. It's hard to keep it different especially with the first lesson.
Ok well. I gotta go. Cuidense mucho.

Elder Hansen

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