Monday, July 5, 2010

Easter 4/5/2010

Happy Easter,
So I kind of forgot it was Easter yesterday. They don't celebrate it here. They celebrate the death of Christ but not his resurrection. So the big party was on Friday. They took the giant cross out of the catholic church and carried it through the town, and everyone followed behind it. Then everyone met in the center of town. First all of the women came, and then the men came from another entrance. They were singing some creepy chant. It was weird. There had to have been like 10,000 people there it was nuts. I tried to take some pictures, but some lady got mad at us. We didn't stay for long because it kind of creeped me out. But there was no one in the street that day. At night everyone got together to get drunk. What a way to celebrate the atonement of Christ.
This week was kind of difficult because everyone was on vacation. We didn't get any investigators to church because no one was willing to go to Chilpancingo for the conference. I didn't get to see much of the conference. We didn't go on Saturday, and someone told us the wrong time of priesthood so we got there an hour late. I think I saw Nathan Harris singing with BYU choir. I hadn't seen him since he was 12. But from what I did see of the conference on Sunday and Saturday night, I liked it a lot. I liked how they focused on the resurrection instead of the death of Christ which is kind of the tradition in Mexico. It's sad how the people here really don't understand who God is. They don't believe you can actually pray to God and receive an answer. Or they think that we aren't worthy to talk to God, so they pray to the virgen or their santitos (saints?).
Dad asked if I have an exercise plan. I usually use my exercise time filling up my bucket and heating up the water. Sometimes I do pushups, but I figure that I'm not too concerned about losing weight. I think walking all day and diarhea a couple times a month keeps me pretty thin. If I want to lose weight I'll just go eat at Tacos de Cuernavaca again. (We had a bad experience there.)
Well, there's not much new here. No, I didn't know there was an earthquake. I'm pretty far from Mexicali. There were changes, but we didn't get changed. It will be my third change with my hijo. But it's cool, I think we'll have some baptisms this change.
Ok well, peace out.


Elder Hansen

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