Monday, July 5, 2010

Spitting Bug 4/26/2010


Well, I'm sorry if my letters are getting boring, but there's not much new going on here. We're still having a little trouble finding investigators that actually progress. The cool family that we we're teaching is kind of dying on us. This week only the two youngest kids went to church and they left early. I don't know why it's so hard here in Zumpango. The thing is that a lot of people listen to us and want us to teach them, but when we talk about baptism they get scared because they can't let anyone find out that they don't want to be Catholic.

The other day we were walking around and I saw some weird bugs on a branch. I decided to take a picture of them, but I think it made them angry when the flash went off. One of them spit something on me. It was probably poison or something. It was really weird. But that was my most exciting story from this week.

I'm sorry that I have no news. I appreciate the letters. I liked the story from your stake conference. And I liked the story about Zac.

I'll send you some more pictures to make up for my lack of writing.

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