Monday, July 5, 2010

Spider Bite- Swollen Arm - Passing Out 5/3/2010

It sounds like everyone will be having fun this week in Utah. It seems like Mom and Dad are in Utah like every other week. I'm guessing that life in Wisconsin isn't as exciting as it sounds.

This week I had an interesting experience. We were out contacting, and I had my arm leaning on a tree while we knocked a door. I then felt a sharp sting on my arm. I looked at my arm and there was a mark where some insect bit me. (I'm pretty sure it was a spider). It swelled up at first but nothing too out of the ordinary. But as the day went on the swelling didn't go down at all. It was swollen up pretty big by the evening and it was bugging me a lot. We went and talked to a doctor and he just told me to take some allergy pills. I did that, and I ignored it. Then next morning my whole arm was massively swollen, and was itching like crazy. I took some more allergy pills and the itching went away, but the swelling didn't go down. We went out to work, but my arm was bothering me a lot. We decided to go back to the doctor. She prescribed me some pills and an injection. We went across the street to a member's store and asked her if she could give me the shot. If the bathroom in the back of the store she gave me the shot in my butt. That was awkward and incredibly painful. As I left the bathroom, all the blood seemed to leave my head. They gave me a chair, and I blacked out. I couldn't see anything, and I felt like I needed to vomit. But I didn't. While this was happening there were a lot of people in the store. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at me. They just kept saying he's so pale. (ps Mexicans don't go pale). I'm sure I was the whitest gringo they had ever seen. Well, eventually the swelling went down, but my butt hurt for a while.

Other than that not much else happened. We are teaching two cool families, and hopefully they will progress. On Saturday we found a cool lady to teach.

Also this week I read the whole Book of Mormon. As a district we decided to read it in one week. It helped me to understand the book on another level. By reading it quickly, I was able to see how fast the people were corrupted by their pride. Time after time they repented and then fell in the same dumb mistakes. I was able to see how quickly pride destroys nations.

Ok well that's all for this week.
Here's the number you can call on Sunday. 01-747-47-8-17-52. Is 4:00 PM ok? That's central time. So 3:00 Mountain Time.
Write me back if there are objections.

Elder Hansen

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