Monday, April 26, 2010

3 29 10 Holy Week

¡Feliz Lunes Santo!

So it's semana santa here in Mexico (Holy Week). That means that all the kids get two weeks off of school, and almost everything closes for a week. This week might be kind of tough because everyone is going on vacation. It will be interesting to see the celebrations here. The pueblo I'm in is really traditional and really, really Catholic. I heard that they take the giant cross out of the church and walk it around the whole town. A couple weeks ago I saw a Jesus statue that was placed inside of a glass coffin and carried through the town. The celebrations usually start based around some religious theme but end up with everyone getting drunk and passing out in the street.

This week was awesome. We met this super cool lady named Elena. We started teaching her and we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to pray about it. When we came back, she read and analized the whole chapter and prayed about it. She said that after praying she dreamed that she was preaching about the book to all of her friends. She came to church this week with her son, and said she wants us to talk to her whole family. She has a huge family! We also met another cool lady this week named Lidia. We were walking in the street and she whistled at us. Usually, the people that whistle at us are teenage girls or gays, so we didn't turn around. She kept whisting, so we turned around. She waved us down and we walked over. She told us that she met some missionaries in another pueblo a few weeks ago, and she wanted to meet with us. She came to church too. In our gospel principles class we talked about eternal families. The class went went well, but Lidia was pretty quiet. We asked her a question at the end of the class that caused her to let out all her feelings and talk about her family problems. We kind of lost control of the class and went like 20 minutes over time. It was kind of uncomfortable yet funny at the same time. But it was good. Both of them want to come back to church next week.

I think we had good results this week because we really made an extra effort to reach all of our goals and be 100% obedient. We set a goal of 35 contacts every day even if we had a lot of appointments. A couple of nights we were contacting people at 9:00 to complete our goal. On Saturday we had a lesson and we got out at 9:22. We were pretty far from home, so we decided to run home. We got there at exactly 9:30. I think God saw our extra effort this week.

Thanks for the letters. When did Jenny cut her hair? Are there really more people wearing skinny jeans? I'm not a fan. I'm glad you're making friends with crazy, old ladies. They always make for good stories.

Mom, I liked your story, and I've had many similar experiences.
Ok well I gotta go.

Elder Hansen

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