Monday, April 26, 2010

3 22 10 Tough Going in Zumpango

Congrats, Brooke & Aaron, on the new baby. Mom said I should call the baby cute and hot healthly. I'm not sure what hot healthy is, but I feel even more uncomfortable calling the baby hot than I did calling it cute. That's just weird. Anyways, congratulations on the new baby. (note from Mom, that was a type-o)

It sounds like life has changed a lot since I was there over a year ago. Zac and the twins look really old. It will be fun to see all the kids and how much they've grown.

I'm glad to hear that the creepy, old guy is no longer cruising the streets of Waunakee. Although, I did enjoy the stories.

This week didn't go very well for us. On Tuesday, I got really sick. It was really weird. Throughout the whole day my knees were hurting a lot. But other than that I didn't feel too sick. In the afternoon, I got a bad headache that wouldn't go away. Then I started to feel really light headed, and I didn't have energy to keep knocking doors. We got back to the apartment and I discovered I had a 103 fever. I took some tylenol, but it still took like five hours for the fever to go down. But that's not all. I also got some crazy bad diarhea. I was going to the bathroom every hour all night. The next day the fever was gone, but the bowel problems lasted for a few days. It was pretty bad. So yeah, that kind of threw off a lot of our plans this week.

So I've realized that Zumpango is kind of hard. I feel like we are working really hard, but we haven't seen much results. Well maybe we haven't had many baptisms, but I think we have helped the area. For three weeks straight we've had over 40 people in church. The first few weeks when we got here we had in the high twenties or low thirties. Even though, we didn't bring any new investigators to church this week, I think the Lord saw the effort we put in and blessed us with three non members that either showed up or came with members. One of the non-members that came brought her three kids and stayed the whole time. She accepted to meet with us this week.

Ok well, I need to go. This hour goes by really fast.
All is well down here in Mexico.

Elder Hansen

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