Monday, April 26, 2010

" Ey guero echale ganas!" 3 15 10

Hey yall,

That's nice that the weather is warming up in Wisconsin. It has become rather unpleasant here. I loved Mom's story about the creepy, old, stalker guy. Is he as bad as cough cough man from Encinitas? It seems like every neighborhood has one of those guys.

This week went alright. We tried out the service thing. It didn't work out very well. Nobody wanted to let us help them. I also was kind of sick, so we only tried it out one day. I think we might try it out again this week. We did realize that working with the members really is the best way, but it's kind of hard here because there aren't many members. We brought a member with us to teach a lesson this week, and it went really well. The member passed for our investigator to bring her to church. I realized that we need to have more lessons with members present. They are usually willing to help us with that, but the problem is they usually don't give us referrals. And the names that they have given us have been pretty lame. Oh well, I think we need to help them a little more.

On Saturday we had a day full of appointments. We actually had 11 appointments scheduled for the day. But throughout the day all but one of our appointments fell through. We were feeling pretty bummed out. We were walking in the street and this old man stopped us and said, " Ey guero echale ganas!" In English that would be something like " Hey white guy. Get excited!" It made my day. I don't know if the spirit inspired that man to talk to me, but I liked it. It made me laugh. Sometimes it's the little things like that that keep my from losing it some days.
I'm sorry. I really can't think of anything to write, and my time is about be up. I sent a hand written letter that you should be getting soon.

And about the cds. You can send me an efy from 2007, 2008, or 2009, michael mclean, maybe some kenneth cope or something, and a good enya cd is always nice.
I'm sorry this letter is so lame, but I have to go.

I love you. Take care.


Elder Hansen

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