Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan 18 10 New Greenie & Area


Thanks for all the letters. I had a lot to read, and yes I do read them. A lot has happened this week. I apologize for not writing, but I have a good excuse. I got transfered. I am in a pueblo again. I think I am destined to live in a small town, because I haven't left small towns my whole mission. I am in the area Zumpango, Guerrero. It is like 15 minutes from Chilpancingo. Chilpancingo is the capitol of Guerrero. You should be able to find it on a map. On Sunday at 10:00 pm I left Zihuatanejo and I arrived in Cuernavaca at 6:00 am. It was about 85 degress when I left and about 50 degrees when I got there. I had to go to Cuerna because I got a kid. I'm training a greenie, and we opened an area. The two missionaries that were there before finished their missions at the same time and went home. They were good missionaries and left us a couple good investigators. We should have a baptism this week.

The area is very different than my last one. The entire pueblo is built around two hills. All day long we are climbing hills. The town is really Catholic. There is a giant Cathedral in the middle of the town, and there is a church on every corner. It's been pretty hard tracting. This week was kind of an eye opener for me. I realized all of my weaknesses.
My companion is Elder Zozaya. He's from Merida, Yucatan. He has 8 brothers and sisters, and he is the sixth to serve a mission. He's pretty quiet and kind of serious. That has made it kind of hard because I'm not much of a conversationist either.

The area was just opened to missionaries 3 years ago, so the branch is pretty small. The services are kind of a mess. There was about 30 people there on Sunday. We meet on the second and third story of a building. There is a wearhouse on the first story. It's pretty ghetto, but we should be moving to a better house in a month. We're still pretty lost here. We don't know our way around very well. We have a map, but still it's kind of hard.

I think we're going to have to try out some new ideas in this area. Knocking doors hasn't worked out too well for us here. I think we're going to start visiting the members to try and plan some family home evenings. We did that in my other area and it worked out pretty well. If you have ideas in how to find new investigators I'd be happy to hear them.

The weather here is great. In the morning it is cold, and it usually stays pretty cool during the day. Today we played soccer and then football. There are a ton of gringos in this zone. It's the biggest zone in the mission.
You asked if I know Elder Nichols. He was an AP, and I think he's going home this change or maybe he already went home.

I got Brooke's package. The tie is pretty awesome. I like the calender too. I think almost all the pictures of me were taken in the same week.
I'm glad to hear that everything is good at home. I just barely met some JW's that were from Wisconsin. That was pretty weird.
Well, everything is going good with me. We are working hard, and hopefully we will get the hang of things soon.

Elder Hansen

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