Monday, January 4, 2010

Two Baptisms and Happy New Year!

Jaquelin's Baptism

Blanca's Baptism

Happy New Year! It's weird that a year has already passed. My New Years Eve wasn't too exciting. We got invited to eat pizza, but unfortunately it was Mexican style with a lot of chilis and hot sauce. Some investigators also invited us to a party and they killed a pig. It was pretty cool seeing them gut the pig. The Mexican tradition at midnight is to go in the street and shoot your gun, so that kind of woke us up.
Well, this week was great. We had two baptisms. We had been planning on one, but the other one came unexpectadly. I think those are blessings that came from trying to be 100% obedient. On Saturday Blanca was baptized. She was really excited, and had been waiting a really long time. On Sunday Jaquelin was baptized. She's the one that came as a surprise. We have had her as an investigator for a long time, and this week we decided that we were going to drop her. We talked with her ande beared our testimonies, and she told us that she really did want to be baptized but her husband was holding her back. We talked with her husband, and he told us that he wasn't ready but that he would let Jaquelin be baptized if she wanted to. So this weekend was really busy. We hadn't had a baptism for two months and then we had two in the same week. It was kind of a crazy week, but everything turned out well.

The other day we got a ride from two Spaniards. They talked pretty funny. They said that they started in Las Vegas and went to Tijuana and are going down all the Pacific coast surfing in as many places as possible until they get to Panama. They have 9 months to complete their trip. A while ago I met an American guy that lives here for 6 months of the year surfing and then goes to Alaska for six months and works as a guide on fishing trips. I look at those guys and sometimes am envious because I am probably doomed to living in the suburbs and working in a cubicle all day. But those guys will one day be old and alone without families. I guess it's worth it to make some sacrifices to have a higher level of happiness.

It sounds like everyone is doing well back home. I think I'll have a lot of movies to catch up on when I get back.

Elder Hansen

Ps Here's the pictures from the baptism of Jaquelin (first) and Blanca (second)

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