Monday, December 28, 2009

11 30 09 Tomorrow is my birthday

Thanks for all the letters. Other than the car accident it sounds like things went well over Thanksgiving. That's cool that you all got to meet together. I am glad to hear that the cougars won. I heard the game was pretty exciting and that the fans rushed the field afterwards.

I liked the pictures. Everyone looks the same except Zachary is bigger and Brooke is bigger too. I'm excited to see the new house. It looks pretty fresa (fresa if translated literally means strawberry, but it also means fancy or preppy).
Today we had changes. My companion got changed. I was kind of happy about that. I thought I was going to be made senior companion, but it looks like I'm going to be junior comp for a while longer. I just hope my new companion isn't as frito as my other companions have been. Our baptism for this week fell through because we found out she's not married. And one we had scheduled for 2 weeks from now is falling too. I hope my new comp can help me make some things happen in this area.

No, I did not sell my Mr. Mac shoes. I sold my $25 running shoes that I had had for over a year. The man that I sold them to is named Tamakuk. He has one eye, long hair, and walks around holding a crocodile. All the locals know him. I thought he looked homeless, but apparently he has a lot of money. I'll send some pictures next week. I finally bought a cable to upload pictures, but I forgot to bring it.
No, teaching in Spanish is not difficult. Some times I mix up my words or make stupid mistakes, but I can talk about whatever I want pretty easily.

It is weird that tomorrow is my birthday. I've never had a birthday in summer weather before. I'm no longer a teenager. We should have a zone conference this week or the next. I guess I will be getting several packages. I'm kind of glad I didn't get changed to another area because that means I can spend my birthday and Christmas in an area where I actually know people.

Well, I don't have much news. I can't think of any cool stories or anything interesting that happened this week. Oh, I learned how to use a machete. We helped clear out a field with some machetes. We also helped gather cement blocks to help build a tomb for the wife of some inactive member that died.
Ok well, take care.

Elder Hansen

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