Monday, December 28, 2009

11 15 09 Sold My Shoes

I don't think this letter will be too long because I am kind of in a rush, but I will try to write as much as I can. Thank you for all of the letters. I really do appreciate them. I usually don't have much time to comment on everything, but I do enjoy reading them.
We are finally starting to see results here in Pantla. This Sunday three families that we've been teaching came to church. We have a lot of people that we are teaching right now.
Today was a fun day. We started out playing soccer at the church. I was stuck as goalie because I still can't run very well. Then we walked to the beach. Then we decided to go to the nicer beach by climbing on the rocks. We climbed for a while, but eventually they stopped and it was just the ocean hitting against the cliff. There was a nice hotel above where we were stuck. We decided to climb in the back entrance, and I think we bugged the rich white people laying out. We eventually got to the other beach where we played volleyball for a little while. There was a guy that was walking on the beach with a baby crocodile. We walked up to see it, and he asked me how much I wanted for my shoes. He offered 300 pesos which is about 30 dolars. I only paid $25 for the shoes when I ought them over a year ago, so I thought it was a pretty good deal. He also let us take pictures holding the crocodile for free. Now, we just finished eating with a member and she gave us heart, kidney, and stomach soup. yummy.
Brooke, thanks for the letter and the pictures. Zach is growing up fast. It will be exciting to see how much he's changed when I get back.
Mom, I don't have a picture with president. We really only see him when we have zone conference every six weeks. But he's awesome. I like what he's done with the mission.
I don't remember which pictures I sent.
Jose and his family moved to Monterrey. We haven't heard from them, but we hope all is well.
Thanksgiving doesn't exist in Mexico, and yes I have seen a couple Christmas things. But it's still pretty early.
I think the swine flu left Mexico and went for the US, because I haven't heard anything for months.
Dad, of course we played with the crocodiles.
Last year I saw BYU women's soccer play agaisnt New Mexico, and there were some pretty crazy Mexican girls.
I like reading your letters about what's going on the world. All week I study church stuff. Sometimes it's nice to have a break. I especially liked hearing about the guy from Weezer. I always new he was smart. You should listen to the song where he talks about falling in love with the half japenese cello player.
Ok well I ran out of time. I love you all.
Elder Hansen

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