Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 29, 2009

I saw the pictures of the house. Wow. It is pretty dang fancy. I am excited to visit. It is weird that when I come home you will have lived in that house for a year and a half. My only suggestion would be a nice outdoor hot tub for Christmas in Wisconsin.
This week something happened that made me feel very stupid. I lost my wallet for a second time. I have no idea how but somehow it fell out on a bus again. I have never lost my wallet before, yet somehow I have managed to lose it twice in 2 months. I was very angry with myself. But I decided to pray and ask if Heavenly Father would forgive a stupid missionary a create a way for my wallet to return to me. Two days ago the office missionaries called me and told me that a man has my wallet in Cuernavaca, but he left to go to Mexico City. It might be a little harder to get my wallet this time, but I know I will get it soon. And I know that God made it possible for me to receive my wallet a second time after being lost twice on a Mexican bus.
I lost the wallet Wednesday as we were going to a large conference. My president gathered three zones together as he gave us his final advice before he goes home. He tried to fit everything into the conference. He talked about finances, marriage, the changes that will happen with a new mission president, and many other things. It was a great meeting. It was also nice because I got to see my MTC companion and other friend as well as Elder Wiggins. It is sad to see President Gardner go. I have a lot of respect him. But I am excited to see what the new president brings.
Sorry I don't have much else to say. I was able to read the letters sent to me, but now I can't open myldsmail. So Dad's questions will have to wait until later.
I attached a picture of Trevor and I for Grandma to put on her fridge. Also, some pictures of when my companion completer one year in the mission.
Elder Hansen

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