Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6 2009

Sorry this is kind of late in the day. We had a late district meeting.
The big news here in the mission is that President Gardner is now gone and President Spanaus is now in charge. A few people have met him, but I will have to see for myself what he is like. This Saturday we will have a zone conference and get to meet the new president. I am excited to see the changes that will happen in the mission.
This week nothing too exciting happened. Last week we found an investigator that is really progressing. We found him because we were looking for someone in the area book. We found out from a neighbor that the person in the area book moved, but I decided that I wanted to knock the house next door. It was a house with a big gate and a wall all around the property. My companion thought a narco (drug dealer) lived there, but I knocked it anyway. A man answered and let us in. The man named Jose Cruz takes care of the house during the week. We taught him that day and since have returned almost every day to teach him. He is not a typical investigator. He reads everything we give him, and he is understanding everything. He has accepted a baptism date. This is really exciting for me because I have never had a contact progress before. All the people we've baptized and many of our other investigators were found by missionaries before us.
Fourth of July was Saturday, but surprising as it sounds they don't celebrate it down here in Mexico. I did wear my red tie, white shirt, and blue pants to celebrate. But that was the extent of my celebration. Oh, I also wrote "the fourth of july" and drew some fireworks in my planner. We were going to buy a pizza in the night, but it was fast Sunday.
In other news, I ate my first chicken foot today. It actually didn't taste too bad, but it is mostly bone. Also, I've begun to eat more chili. Food without chili seems bland and boring now.
If you do send another package, send the best two years soundtrack and any other church music you think I could use. Candy is also nice.
I received a letter saying that our somewhat relative Jeff Wiggins got his mission call to Brazil, but I don't remember which mission.
Well, Wisconsin sounds pretty cool. I'm excited to see it.
I don't have much else to say, I sent the pictures I missed last week (Janice posted them on last week's blog a week later.)
Elder Hansen

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