Sunday, December 26, 2010

11/29/10 Thanksgiving at Applebee's

Well, this week went pretty good. We started the week with zero progressing investigators, so we dedicated most of our time to finding people. We found 14 new investigators and a few of them seem pretty cool. But the bad thing is that none of them came to church this week. We hope to have that change this this week.

To answer Mom's question: yes Luis had been to church a lot of times and yes we taught him the lessons. The kid was ready and wanted to be baptized, so we didn't wait. His family is becoming active again. This week we helped them scrape the mildew off of the wall of a room they're going to rent out.

On Thursday, we celebrated Thanksgiving by going to Applebee's. I splurged and got some baby back ribs. I was left with almost no money left for the month. Last night I decided to check my suitcase, because I thought I had hidden 50 dollars in there a long time ago. Much to my surprise I found a hymn book hidden under the zippers. Inside the hymn I found $1200 pesos. I then decided to check my other suitcase and I found 90 dollars and 200 more pesos. I had completely forgotten about that money. It looks like Santa came early.

It's pretty weird that Steven is now married. I think the last time I saw him we were blowing up a cantaloupe on our old lacrosse field. I guess things change.

Clint, you might want to let my clothes start to air out. I'm pretty sure the moth ball stench is pretty strong by now.

Well, I don't have much more news. Peace ya'll.

Elder Hansen

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