Saturday, November 14, 2009

11 2 09 In Lazaro Cardenas

It sounds like everyone is busy back home. I enjoyed Kelli's story a lot. [EDITOR'S NOTE ABOUT KELLI'S LETTER...Summer and Ali were sitting in their high chairs and Summer unzipped her pj's and said to Ali, "Here's Summer's tummy, where's Ali's tummy?" Ali then unzipped her pj's and pointed to her tummy and said, "Here's Ali's tummy!" Summer then pointed to her belly button and said, "Here's Summer's belly button, where's Ali's belly button?" and Ali pointed to her belly button and said, "Here's Ali's belly button." Then Summer pointed to her ...ahem,.. and said "Here's Summer's booby, where's Ali's booby?" Ali then sharply said, "NO! I'm saving mine!" ]

Halloween wasn't too eventful here. There were a few little kids that dressed up and they had a neighborhood party. I hear that in some parts of Mexico Halloween is pretty big, but not really in the pueblos. The kids walk down the street or go to doors and yell,"Queremos Halloween" or we want halloween, instead of saying trick or treat. Today is Dia de los Muertos. Everybody has their shrines out with food and flowers for their deceased family members. Tonight I think there might be some big parties.

I am in Lazaro Cardenas right now. I am going to be in divisions with the zone leader until Wednesday. It should be pretty cool. I haven't been with another gringo since my dad, Elder Johnson. Elder Wiggins is in my zone again. He is here in Lazaro. But he goes home in 6 weeks.

This week we had zone conference. It was cool. I finally got the package. My mother knows me too well. I've been craving cinnamon toast crunch and nutri grain bars for months. Where were those pictures taken?

This week went by pretty fast. We had zone conference one day and divisions another day. I was put with a companion that doesn't talk, so that was an interesting experience. I had to teach all of the lessons alone. But I was surprised that I could actually do it.

I got Jenny's jackalope postcard. It was pretty cool. Mom said she wrote an email, but I don't think I got it.

Ok well I need to go, but I might write more later.
Elder Hansen

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