Thursday, May 14, 2009

The back of my convert, Julia's house

Anti-government graffiti in Jona. It says, "This is how the government treats the pueblo".

My first alacran I killed in the apartment. Alacran is just the name
of a scorpion that is pretty common in Mexico.

That phone call last night was nice, but it was kind of hard to hear everyone. I'm in Cuautla right now waiting for my new companion to arrive. I am currently on splits with two other gringos. The large mass of middle school girls getting out of school had fun seeing that. But everyone is pretty certain that my new companion will be a Mexican. It will definitely be a learning experience.
This week we found a family that just moved back to Mexico after living in Saint George, Utah for thirteen years. Their four kids are US citizens and the two oldest speak better English than Spanish. The mom joined the church a while a ago, but none of the kids or her husband joined. The whole family is way cool, and we hope to get them to come to church this Sunday.
I felt like I didn't get to answer some of the questions very well last night. So, you asked what are some of the main differences I notice. One thing, almost nobody owns a car, but almost everything you need is within walking distance. There is a little shop like every block, and a bigger stores in every neighborhood. And if you need to go farther to get something there is a bus or van or taxi that passes every 30 seconds. Another thing, there are animals everywhere. Almost every home owns a couple chickens or turkeys or a pig. Of course there are lots of dogs too, but I haven't ever had problems with the dogs here. Also, public drinking is something that just isn't seen too much in the states. Being a white guy, I can usually just pretend I don't understand and they will go away. Another thing I have noticed is that every single person here claims to be religious. The same guy that is passed out on the corner one day will claim to be the most devout christian when we knock on his door. If I think of more I will write later.Or if you have more questions I will try to remember to answer them.
I really enjoyed Clint's letter. It might have even been better than Dad's pirate story. Sorry, I don't have much else to say this week. It was a pretty typical week.But here are a couple photos.The first one is the back of my convert Julia's house. The other is anti-government graffiti in Jona. It says This is how the government treats the pueblo. The last one is my first alacran I killed in the apartment. Alacran is just the name of a scorpion that is pretty common in Mexico.Ok well I will be sure to write all about my new companion next week, and this time I won't have to be nervous that he's reading it because he won't understand it anyway.
Take care and good luck with the house and stuff.
Elder Hansen

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